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Warm Prompt

Plan ahead:
Give yourself and us enough time to meet your needs. Our normal turn around time to get our customers their order is 15-20 days from the date the final design is approved.

Make a list:
Identify all the items you will need to order and include sizes and gender.

Select options:
We offer a variety of options, from short sleeve, long sleeve, body suit and full length zippers (hidden or visible); Club or Race Cut . All kinds of Fabric/Stitching/Elastic/Pads.

Don't forget accessories:
If need or want, we offer a variety of accessories to compliment your uniforms. We offer bandanas, leg and arm warmers as well as vests and jackets


Customer with finished design:
Send us your design via e-mail at work with designs made in Photoshop, Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator saved in a AI, CDR or EPS format (for best results save it in 150-300 dpi). If you are using an image such as a PNG/JPG or TIFF it must be high resolution (300+ dpi). 
Our designers will check your design and will be apply it to the uniform print template and send it back for your review. Our designers will work with you to make sure you are happy with how your design fits the gear.
Noted that some colors may not print the same on fabric as they do on paper or on the screen. You can supply pantone color then our designer can match. We can work with you to make sure you get the tones you want.

Customer without finished design:
If you have a concept and want us to help you finalize it,download the appropriate template for the type of uniform you want and print it out to use it as a canvas. Sketch your idea or concept on the template then scan and e-mail it with your logos to us at .Our designers will prepare a professional draft of your design and send it back for you to review and make changes as needed. 

Place Order

Download and fill out  our order form containing ordering information and shipping information. This form with your design can be emailed
A sales representative will contact you to confirm receipt of your design and to provide an order confirmation number and an estimated ship date from China.
Once your order is approved, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin production.

We accept the following payment methods for your convenience PAYPAL , Western Union AND T/T.

Design Approval

Before production,your sales representative will contact you to provide a digital color layout of your design via email.

Any changes to your design will need to be made at this time.

Production Time

Once we have received:
1. Order form
2. Signed approval of your design.
3. A paid deposit of 50%. 

Allow 15 to 20 days for delivery.

Final Payment
We will be contact you one week before your order is shipped for final payment


Orders are generally shipped via TNT or DHL express Service, but other shipping arrangements can be made upon request.

However shipping is estimated until the order is completed, weighed and measured.

Always consider Holidays and other events that can impact delivery times. Normally shipping times are between 3-7 work days, but this can vary depending on weather. International orders may take longer.

Please consult with our sales representatives regarding delivery times.


Have new riders on your team or just need an extra for training.

We keep your design on file,the color and the garment characteristics will be the same. We match the price of your previous order.
The reorders must be for a previous order and no changes are allowed in design.

To place a reorder, download and fill out our order form and e-mail it back to us.


Our price list is based on your quantity.

Besides our own quotations, we can also quote according to requirements of customers. 

Download the Prices List.

Product Care

Sweat is toxic. On some individuals it's more, on others it's less. The phenomenon occurs because of bacterial attack. Due to their performance nature. In order to minimize this problem, we recommend you water rinse the garment after each ride. Also, never store the garment moist or in a closed environment like a plastic bag.
Do not hang the garments in the direct sunlight.
Do not use bleachers and/or softeners. Use a mild liquid detergent only. 
Dry garments flat or hanging, but do not tumble dry.

2. Fabric piling does not occur by itself. It always is the result of abrasion.
Do not use embroidered saddles.
Make sure the Velcro fastener of the saddle pocket does not touch the shorts
Do not wash together with gloves, bags, rain jackets, etc. because of the Velcro straps!


About Art
Q:Will I see a sample of my custom design before I receive it?
A:Yes. You will receive a mini-marker, which is your approved proof transferred onto the fabric types that the production items will be made out of. This will be sent to you shortly after the order is finalized. This procedure is the final approval step for color correctness. This is not a finalized sewn garment.

Q:What format do I need to submit my artwork?
A:Vector graphics in .EPS or .AI format are preferred. If you are using an image such as a PNG or TIFF it must be high resolution (300+ dpi). JPEG graphics have a loss of quality and as such often print very poorly and are not recommended. If graphics cannot be obtained inquire about utilizing our design team to create unique art for your needs.

Q:I have graphic art skills; do you provide templates for me to do the designing?
A:Yes. You can download our templates HERE. Keep in mind, no matter how perfectly your art is submitted we still have to pass it through our design department to QC elements that are internal to our system.

Q:Do you charge for designing artwork?
A:No, design is free. But Logo generation will also be subject to fees if above and beyond in their creation time.

Q:Do I must put MYSENLAN Logo on my customized garments ?
A:Some companies require his logo (mandatory) on your garments. Mysenlan Sport Wear offer it as an option.
If you decide to place our logo in your garments we will give you discount between a 2% and 5% depend of the number of items or we can send you MYSENLAN cap or arm warmer as a gift .For jerseys logo must appear on the upper chest area (left or right) and on the center rear pocket, for shorts, logo will place in one legside.

About Order
Q:What is the minimum order quantity needed to place an order?
A:For A&B level , the minimum order is only 1 PC .
For C&D level ,10 identical pieces is the minimum to place a custom order. You may, however, order a mix of sizes. Orders that do not reach a 6-piece minimum are subject to an upcharge, please Contact a customer service rep for more details.

Q:Am I able to order both men's and women's sizing to reach the minimum?
A:Yes, you can mix men’ s ,women’s and kid’s sizing. In order to reach the minimum order the items must be the same style, pattern and level.

Q:Can items be combined to meet the minimums?
A:No. Minimums are based on a single style in a given category. We do, however, combine LIKE items to reach discount levels. The pricelist describes the unique rules applied to each category.

Q:What is the deposit fee to get the order started once I have my art and order finished?
A:A 50% deposit is required to begin order production. The balance of the order is due when your order is complete and ready to ship. The balance must be paid before your order can ship. No exceptions!

Q:What if I need to add items to my order that has already been placed?
A:Please let your salesperson know as soon as you can, as this is sometimes possible. They can add the items in if the order has not yet been processed or place an add-on order for the extra items.

Q:When does the 3-week timeline start with my custom order?
A:The 3-week turnaround time will start once we have approved artwork, a completed order form and a paid deposit of 50%.

Q:Do you have any discount for regular customer ?
A:After you place order to MYSENLAN ,you can get an unique customer NO. When you reorder, you can tell your salesperson customer NO. When you reach the defined amount then you can get a discount as below (BASIC PRICE IS 20-49pcs LEVELS).
Accumulative Total: $35,000 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 $2,500
Customer  Level: VIP 5 STARS 4 STARS 3 STARS 2 STARS
Discount(BASIC PRICE): 20% Discount 18%Discount 15%Discount 10%Discount 5% Discount

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